Friday, September 21, 2007

Cat Ladies

My rose-colored glasses have fogged over. I've just realized that my boss is a cat lady (although I don't think he'd be happy to hear so.) He is the cat lady, and the teachers are the cats. He keeps his 50 +/- cats under his tight care because, of course, no one could take better care of them than he.
It doesn't matter that the cats are climbing all over each other to get what few resources are available, or that there are hurt and festering and starving cats all over the place. He refuses help from the outside because, of course, no one can take better care of the cats than he. Even if he is aware that there are cats in need, which I am not sure that he realizes, he thinks no one can provide the love and care that he does. So he keeps his cats hidden from others to prevent anyone from finding out his flawed caretaking, especially since he thinks others' caretaking abilities would inevitably be more flawed and damaging to the cats than his are.
As time goes on, the cats just get weaker or die off, while a few of the lucky ones manage to escape and run away. The cat lady just brings in more cats to replace former cats.
...more on this analogy later... or not