Saturday, May 19, 2012

I can only pretend I'm a city girl

I'm not very good at this city thing. Well, maybe just the public transportation thing. First, I printed out all of the schedules I (thought) I needed. I planned my trip backwards to get to edcampphilly before 8:00 am. I get to Ferry St. Station 7 min. Before my 7:02 train, and.... Realize at 7:07 to look at the schedule... I'd printed out Sunday instead of Saturday. Train comes at 7:12. Get to 8th & Market for the SEPTA 7:22, and the train is there when I get to the turnstile. I'm not sure if I give the token to the person at the window or put it in the turnstile, so I wait to ask, and of course, I didn't have to... Shudda used the turnstile and made the 7:22. Instead, I wait, ask, then use the turnstile while the 7:22 rolls away. Now waiting for the 7:37.
Which then comes at 7:38. 'sokay.
Now onto 34th st. to Penn and edcampphilly!