Sunday, November 15, 2009

National Board Certification

Chatter has begun about when the candidates for National Board Certification will receive their scores. I've been waiting since mid-April. Word is, score usually are announced anywhere from the Friday before Thanksgiving until the first Friday in December after Thanksgiving. SiGH... i guess I've waited this long...


mlaiuppa said...

I just got my scores.

I passed.

This was my first retake year.

I must say I'm shocked. My scores were so low the first time I anticipated having to do a second retake after this year. I already lined up teachers for the collaborative entry and was studying for assessment retakes.

I scored 3.625 on collection development!

Now I'm looking for some statistics. I'd like to compare the percentage of NBCT teacher librarians to certificated librarians nationwide and in my state. I'd like to compare them to percentage of NBCT classroom teachers nationwide and in my state.

The Librarianator said...

Once NBPTS's IT people catch up with the amount of new data entry, they have the lists of NBCT's right on their Web pages. Are you going to have to go through the 50 states' DOE Web sites to see the numbers of certified librarians? (YIKES! Good luck!)