Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 1: NJASL Vice Prez

I have been all excited to start looking things up about running the conference! Found the 'guide' documents - old and new - and began perusing them. I made a spread sheet of the past 5 years' worth of conference themes and of guest speakers.  I inquired about the budget and was told, "we'll talk." I received encouragement, too, and was told "it's your" -meaning my- conference. The contradictory, political, territorial stuff has already reared its head :-/ 

This is a 3-year commitment; I hope they know what they have in me when they asked me to volunteer. I'm an opinionated, sometimes stubborn,  Pollyanna who has never been shy. My rose-colored glasses and unfiltered thoughts put me out there, and I'm not easily reined in when I believe something strongly. I believe in the inherent good will of people, hence the Pollyannaism, which sometimes allows me to get disappointed or loud, or both.

And I've never been able not to care, which is both an asset and a flaw. All I hope is that this is more of a good experience than a disheartening one.

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