Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day blah, blah, blah: NJASL VP

Two parts to this post: (1) I hope to be the kind of leader who makes decisions with all of my stakeholders in mind, and with them participating, if possible! (2) If I had to pick a platform for my 3-year term, it would be 
" ascertain if there are any teacher preparation or supervisor preparation programs at the undergrad or masters level, which include a component that at least introduces these educators to what school librarians can do for them. This could be a guest lecturer session, a one-class lesson in a unit, an elective, anything that creates awareness (if not true understanding) of how school librarians make their jobs easier and more effective."
Part  (1): I sometimes get 'playing the game' mixed up with other interpersonal dynamics. It could be called 'confidence' in some cases and 'insecurity' in others -- ex., do I just do what I think is expected of me, do I just do what I think is right, or do I check in with others for their opinions. This is really only an issue when I perceive myself to be an outsider. The following might sound harsh, but my perception often views my participation as the outsider of a good-ol'-girls'-club who are trying - at least on the surface - to bring in 'new blood.' Pollyanna hopes that's not true, and it certainly isn't fair to think that in a professional situation. However, I've been called "unfiltered," and I think that's what both attracts and repels people to my style. I'll have to learn to mesh bold with tact. I am a good compromiser, but I also am vocal about my opinions. I feel offended when other make decisions for me, so I pledge to try not to unilaterally make decisions for others.

Part (2): Ever since my library school days (yeh, way back in 2006 LOL), I've been disgruntled [I love that word :o) ] about the push nature of our field. With all librarians can do for teachers, why do we have to push our services onto them? Why do teachers and administrators and curriculum coordinators not clamor at our doors, pulling our services toward their plans, activities, and attempts at fulfilling the content standards? Why are librarian services not introduced to pre-service teachers and those pursuing their supervisory certificates?

A brief what-have-I-been-doing catch-up: 4/13/12 - I went with Mary M., Patricia T., and Suzanne M. to see Assemblywoman Celeste M. Riley, 3rd Legislative District (D-NJ) (C. M. Riley's NJ Legislature page). She is the Chair of the Higher Education Assembly Committee. We discussed two issues: Cumberland County libraries and the latest results of the NJ Library Study.

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