Sunday, April 15, 2012

One more thing regarding pre-service teachers and supervisors...

Regarding... ascertain if there are any teacher preparation or supervisor preparation programs at the undergrad or masters level, which include a component that at least introduces these educators to what school librarians can do for them. This could be a guest lecturer session, a one-class lesson in a unit, an elective, anything that creates awareness (if not true understanding) of how school librarians make their jobs easier and more effective. 
If these types of programs or requirements exist, this is what I'd like to know...
  • How extensive are they? 
  • Who spearheaded their inclusion?
  • Under whose jurisdiction is their implementation? 
  • What librarianship information is (or isn't) being disseminated?
  • Are the efforts being assessed and how?
  • Who provides the instruction?
  • At what point in the preparation program is this instruction given?

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