Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Day , oh whatever... Lol... NJASL VP

The list-of-things-to-do to start a conf. for NJASL is 18 months out. That would make it July, 2012 to begin. Verbally, it has been suggested to start immediately; the first meeting date suggested to even begin discussing changes to the conference's format is in June. Yes, there are things I do not know that should make things all okay if there are people who do know things and they're comfortable with waiting. Patience is a virtue, Pollyanna!

I've been contacted by a meeting planner through an old friend not affiliated with NJASL. Her organization assists the organization planning the conference for free. Apparently, she gets paid by the conference venue. Not ready for her yet since the planning committee isn't going to even meet for two months ladeeda....

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